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Liebe Katja, lieber Giuseppe, vielen Dank für eure tolle Hilfe bei unserem Bosa-Urlaub! Dank euch haben wir die wunderschönen Strände von S'abba Druche und Cumpoltitu gesehen, zu denen wir sicher sonst nie gefunden hätten. Katjas Tipp für den Tagestrip nach Cagliari war sehr gut. Cagliari ...

Aug 01, 2012
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Bosa S'abba druche

Following the road to Alghero you can find the entrance of the beach and campingsite S'abba druche, which means sweet water.


 S abba Druche      Eingang sabba druche    Ruhe pur   Strand S'abba druche

Get your parking ticket at the entrance for the parking lot down near the beach, this season the price for a day is 7 Euro per car (regardles how many people are in it).
You will get a nice place to park in the shade and near the beach. Washroom facilities are available and you can also get a pizza or a drink at the bar and cafe.
The sandy beach is devided into small bays so it is up to your choice where you want to spend your day. If you like more privacy just take one of the smaller bays and enjoy the see.
You can also decide on a walk around the stone plateau which fills up with water in some places when there is high tide and traps little fishes. So you are wandering around small aquariums.

 S'abba druche is also the perfect beach for collecting shells and other small sea creatures.
Getting hungry during lunch time? They have pizza and various dishes at the 'Pizzeria'. Enjoy your meal with a spectacular view on the sea.


Our inside tip: If you don't mind walking park your car on the main street just a few meters ahead and pass the wooden gate on the left and walk down to the beach. From here you can enter the sandy beaches as well but don't have to pay for the parking.


Campingsite S'abba Druche:

There is an extra area for camping at S'abba druche. From here you have a fantastic view over the beach and the sea and just a few meters to the beach.
Prices are good and always worth the panoramic view during breakfast. Book your pitch with us as we are the official partner for booking requests. The camping site itself doesn't take direct reservations. But you can book on our website and we will make the reservation at the camping site. NO additional FEEs.


Booking request: contact form


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